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refinery.jpg Realistic Systems offers a range of non-destructive testing services which include the use of helium Mass Spectrometers for leak testing, a patented technique for 100% inspection of lined pipes and mobile vacuum equipment for vacuum drying of complex pipe-work. We cover a diverse field of industries which include petrochemical, refining, refrigeration, pipelines, nuclear and aerospace. Our 40 years of experience together with membership of ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing) allows us to provide solutions to all of your testing needs whether at our testing facility or onsite at your production facility.

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LEAK DETECTION - Helium mass spectrometers for pressure, vacuum or in-service vacuum leak testing.

LINED PIPES - Patented service using mass spectrometers to determine the condition of polymer liners in pipes.

REFRIGERATION - Leak test and drying of vessels & pipe-work prior to filling with refrigerant.

HEAT EXCHANGERS - Tubes and tube sheet welds leak tested.

CRYOGENIC TANKS - Vacuum recovery, drying and leak testing of the annular space.

COLD BOXES - Leak test of pipe-work welds & plate-fin exchangers.

VACUUM DRYING - For complex systems requiring drying & a low dew point.

MATERIAL EVALUATION - The determination of diffusivity, solubility and permeability of many materials.

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